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Scores of level 5  whisky nerds are gaining significantly more satisfaction from showing off about bottles they’ll be bringing to Limburg on social media than they will derive from the actual event itself.

Gerhard Strudelnoodle, a Moon Import series collector from Dusseldorf said:

“This morning I posted that I was bringing a bottle of Ardbeg 1967 Kingsbury – I will of course be submitting it to Herr Kruder for his very stylish 1990s whisky auction upon my arrival. But just seeing all the little comments from people who are assuming that I will be opening it is gratifying to such an extent that it is difficult for me to put into words the erection I am feeling.”


“If I show them only this image they will be unaware that there is no bottle of the actual whisky present. The level of humour emanating from this is quite intoxicating.”

Gerhard added:

“Perhaps later I will also post this picture of a Bowmore Sherriff’s 18 year old pear shaped. It is an extremely rare version that was imported to Germany in the late 1960s with a slightly higher ABV. I will simply post an image of the label and say ‘Looking forward to Limburg’. I will of course deliberately omit the information that it is a photo of an empty bottle I discovered in a bar in Munich in 1998.”

It is traditional at this time of year for Facebook and Twitter to become clogged up with images of bottles that people plan on not actually bringing to Limburg. Or exhibitors who show bottles they’ll be opening but don’t mention the €200 price per dram. Another common one is pictures of samples which they will drink themselves while taking selfies.

Roland Autobahn, who specialises in collecting only whiskies which were distilled during the six days war of 1967, said:

“I am quite sad that in less than 48 hours I will have to stop posting things on Facebook and actually go to the Whisky Fair. It is so full of glistening, whisky flavoured men, if it wasn’t for the run-up on social media I would probably only go for the Sunday session.” 

Limburg festival organiser, Ersten Carlich, said between large gulps from a jeroboam of 2005 Zind Humbrecht Clos Windsbhul Riesling:

“Next year the Whisky Fair will just be a very big Twitter tasting.”


Europe’s premier sweat and lanyard conference gets underway.

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